Work From Home Tips From People Who Actually Do It

A friend of mine who works remotely shared some of her best work from home tips recently.

I also run a fully remote engineering team and found that all of these resonated with me as well.

Here’s the full list of work from home tips she dropped on me:

1. Identify what distractions you’re most vulnerable to 

And find a way to avoid them. Mine are my phone (IG, Texting) so I leave my phone in another room.

2. Do not work in your bedroom 

If possible. Boundaries are important for both getting motivated and turning off later. 

3. Don’t get too comfortable

I work from our kitchen island, and I only move to the couch if I have something completely monotonous to do. Plus, I actually find myself getting the shittier tasks done if I let myself do it in front of the TV.

4. Start a morning routine 

(NOT WORK) when my significant other isn’t here to ruin my WFH flow, I usually put on a record or a news podcast, make coffee, make eggs and then sit down to work.

5. Break up your day and set arbitrary goals for the day

Mark them in your calendar, invite those impacted if possible.

Example: “Send follow up email by 2pm, get in design requests by 4pm.”

6. Engage with your coworkers

On Slack as much as possible (I’m not in a technical role), but I find if you are having similar conversations as you would if you are sitting next to them in the office, it’s a frequent reminder that this is just another normal workday.

7. Keep your video on

For all of your meetings. It keeps you engaged and keeps you from multitasking.

8. Take breaks

But schedule them in advance. I am extremely milestone oriented, so working toward a break helps to keep me focused. Other incentives work too! 

If All These Work From Home Tips Fail…

1. Liminal space. Go to a coffee shop.

2. Focusmate. Get an accountability partner in real-time and get to work.

3. Force yourself to clean or work out. That way, you’re choosing the lesser of 3 evils if you choose to work.

Thank you to Sam Guertin from Tubi for sharing her work from home wisdom 😉

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