Why get better when you can just bullshit?

This gave me a chuckle…

In 2019, a group of researchers used AI to generate random, bullshit titles for a series of paintings and, you guessed it, people found the artwork with B.S. titles more profound than those with mundane, human-written titles or no titles at all.


The researchers extrapolated this finding to point to a broader truth:

In any instance where humans are making decisions about the quality of output of others there is room for subjective impressions to influence outcomes…

Maximizing one’s skills and competence in a domain is typically a long and arduous process. However, being able to produce satisfying bullshit…may allow an individual to obtain success in a way that requires much less time and effort.

This all reminded me of a hangover powder my friends swear by that has “cellular hydration technology” featured on the label. Huh?

While all of this is moderately depressing, of course, I found this to be a refreshing reminder to question if craft is the only thing that matters in a career. Sometimes, a healthy combination of craft and bullshitting might pull us further along in this irrational, inefficient world we find ourselves in.

Anyways, you can read the full, hilariously-titled paper here.

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