The fifth Rice Mountain trade

I’m trying to use the internet to trade a grain of rice all the way up to a mountain. Get caught up here.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our next trade. And it’s… big, measured by both cash value and mass.

But first, a quick recap on the trades to date.

Trades so far

So far, I’ve made four trades:

The fifth trade

Last week, a trade for a set of presidential signatures fell through. The owner ghosted me and the road to Rice Mountain seemed uncertain.

But little did I know that Diana Hawk was working behind the scenes to line up a bigger trade.

Diana’s friend Salim Najjar runs a beverage company called Sound. He’s spent the past five years perfecting a line of tea-infused sparkling water drinks.

His company has been growing like mad, especially around the LA area, which is what prompted him to recently set up a new apartment there. And his new apartment happened to be missing, you guessed it… a coffee table.

Upon learning this, Diana told Salim about Rice Mountain and Ryan Thomas‘ custom coffee table offer. Salim jumped on it and emailed me this:

[I’d] like to offer 1 pallet of my companies beverage products, Sound. It’s a line of unsweetened, certified organic/non-GMO sparkling teas & waters 😊

A single pallet hold 60 24pks (1,440 units) of our sparkling tea (glass bottle) line and 104 24pks (2,496 unites) of our sparkling water (BPA-NI cans) line 😄 I’d be open and willing to mix and match the pallet with the different flavors if desired!

I was intrigued, but I had no idea how to value 2,500 cans of a high-end sparkling drink. Salim did the math for me:

Our sparkling tea line is sold at an SRP of $2.49 (pallet value of $3,585.60) and our sparkling water line is sold at an SRP of $1.99 (pallet value of $4,967.04).

Mamma mia. Yes. That’s a step in the right direction, even if we’re both using the most generous valuation (the end retail value). I called Salim — we worked out some details and locked in the trade.

Feast your eyes:

A pallet of Sound sparkling water
A few weeks ago, I had a grain of rice. Now I have this big-ass pallet of premium sparkling water (retail: $4,967)

This is a bit of a gamble, of course.

The drinks are unlikely to have asymmetric value. They’ll eventually expire. And the two groups of people I imagine wanting an item like this — people hosting live events or managing offices — are still largely furloughed.

But, by God, we now have enough delicious sparkling beverages to refresh a small village. We will find that village and we will trade with them.

At the high end, this trade represents a 2.8x return on the last item and a 171.28 million times return on the grain of rice.

Let’s make a trade

So… who needs 2,496 cans of delicious sparkling water?

If you need 2,496 cans of delicious sparkling water, hit me up.

Email me at if you want to swap something for a huge-ass pallet of delicious, tea-infused sparkling water.

As a reminder, anybody who offers to help make a trade in any way will be invited to a huge opening party on Rice Mountain. Diana and Salim — you two have been added to the list.

Hope to see the rest of you there too.

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