Talk About What You Hate

One of my best friends has a glorious theory of how to get to know people quickly…

Talk about what you hate.

When we meet new people, we naturally don’t want to piss them off. But that typically gets us stuck in a lukewarm conversation about stuff we kind of like:

Yeah, I like Westworld. That show is pretty good. Dark Mirror is pretty good too. Oh and of course The Office. What a classic. … Blah, blah, blah.

Nobody really learns that much when you agree on everything.

But imagine if a group of people was talking about TV shows and somebody dropped this nugget:

Personally, I hate Dark Mirror. They always focus on the most obvious, but least likely, doomsday scenarios. If the writers were any good, they’d tell more thoughtful stories that maybe we could actually learn from.

Hoo baby. An actual opinion.

The Dark Mirror fans in the group might fire back with more specific reasons for why they love the show.

As everybody makes their case, they’re forced to reveal a little bit more about their worldview and tastes.

That just doesn’t really happen when everybody has a polite conversation about things that everybody likes.

The real magic happens when people take a stand on something they hate.

(P.s. what do you hate?? Drop a reply below!)

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