stew's letter 6

A Short Life Lesson From The Convenience Store Across The Street From My Apartment

The convenience store next to my apartment plays funky jazz music all day. This is a little unusual given how transactional and cold convenience stores usually are.

Presumably, there are studies that show certain music can affect customers’ moods and push them to spend more money in your store (“Customers buy 15% more crap when you play energizing pop music!”), but I’m glad the owner of my store doesn’t care.

The jazz music is a subtle expression of his identity and tastes.

I love this little store, too. They always have the stuff I need. They are professionals.

Conclusion: you can be a professional without surrendering your identity.

stew's letter 1

Thing I Definitely Should Have Known Earlier In Life

I recently found out that a pickle and a cucumber are the same thing. I had no idea. Yeah, laugh it up. Real fucking funny. Thankfully, I didn’t have a strong opinion that pickles were definitely not cucumbers, so it wasn’t hard for me to change my mind on this whole cucumber-pickle thing.

There’s probably a life lesson here (“Look at how quickly you learn when you don’t have strong opinions!”), but it’s more likely that I should have just known what a pickle was.