stew’s letter

A few recent reader replies:

“…one of the best blogs on the internet. You’re an incredible writer. That is all – have a great weekend.”

“Apparently your letter last week changed [person]’s life. He hasn’t stopped talking about it.”

“This is gold.

I get tremendous joy and food for thought from Stew Fortier’s weekly letter.”

“It’s the only newsletter that I open immediately.

Spending time with one of my favorite writers: Richard Dawkins. Galapagos Islands, 2017

What is Stew’s Letter?

Most email newsletters are unforgivably long and include mountains of links to articles you “must read.”

If you actually clicked each link and read each article, you’d spend dozens of extra hours online each week.

That drove me nuts, so I started a newsletter that does the opposite.

Stew’s Letter is a short, weekly email that’s filled with a few big ideas and little to no links to click.

I read like a madman throughout the week, then summarize the most interesting ideas I’ve stumbled across into a short, sweet email that you can skim with your coffee on Tuesday morning.

You can read it, get inspired, and get the hell on with your day.

I typically write about important ideas that are hiding in plain sight.

You can drop your email below if you want to give it a try.

Hope to see you next Tuesday.