I love speaking to startup founders and technical leaders about my experience going from self-taught programmer to CTO of a small publicly-traded company.

I screwed up an enormous amount during my journey and have distilled the hardest-won lessons into a series of highly-entertaining (and useful!) presentations which cover:

  • How the role of the technical leader changes at each stage of startup growth
  • Moving from code monkey to manager
  • How the team dynamic changes at each stage of growth
  • Which bad habits you and your team must break, and when
  • When to replace yourself
  • Why you should ignore your users (sometimes)

I am a regular speaker at startup week events, but I've found the real magic frequently happens with groups exclusively composed of founders and tech leaders.


$5,000 - $15,000. For most for-profit events, trainings, etc.

Free. For certain non-profits and startups.

Please send inquiries to info@stewfortier.com. Response rate is usually 30 minutes.