Laziness is a supreme virtue

“Anyone who is both clever and lazy is qualified for the highest leadership duties.”
– Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord

A friend of mine pulled in $300K last year doing virtually nothing.

He figured out a way to automate 80% of his sales job and typically stopped working around lunchtime everyday.

Instead of being happy for him, I was pissed.

I’m busting my ass over here and this guy’s living like a stoned lifeguard.

But I realize now that maybe I have it all backwards. 

I pride myself on working hard, but that has one very unfortunate consequence: I’m rarely looking for opportunities to eliminate the need for hard work.

My lazy friend, on the other hand, is hyper-aware of where effort lurks. He invents genius ways to avoid it, and in doing so frees up an almost comical amount of time and mental bandwidth.

For that reason, laziness may be one of our higher virtues — but we’ll never know for sure. After all, the lazy aren’t going to waste their time debating about something like this.

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