I want to trade this grain of rice for a mountain

I’ve been writing a lot about how the internet creates spectacular leverage for people willing to share their ideas publicly.

I’ve also written a ton about how storytelling is a valuable skill.

But nice-sounding ideas are cheap. I want to start running some experiments to see how they hold up in the real world.

How much value can be created out of thin air using purely storytelling and the internet?

Here’s the plan…

I have a grain of rice.

I got it from the big-ass bag of rice in my pantry.

It’s a fantastic grain of rice

I want to trade this grain of rice with you for something slightly more valuable.

Then, I want to trade that thing for something more valuable.

And I want to keep doing this until somebody trades me a mountain. Like, a literal mountain.

Maybe it will be a cheap mountain like this one in Kentucky or a big one like this in North Carolina.

Regardless, getting a mountain is the end goal.

I will attempt to use the internet, a narrative about why it would be dope for this to work out, and the goodwill of humankind to make this happen.

If you offer to help in any way, I will write down your name and you will be invited to a huge opening party when we get the mountain.

So… take 10 seconds to look around you right now. 

Do you have anything you’d be willing to trade me for this grain of rice?

Email me at and let’s work something out (I’ll cover shipping/logistics).

And I’ll start sharing a progress update in Stew’s Letter each week.

To Rice Mountain,

I’ll be sharing an update each week in Stew’s Letter below:

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