Apparently People Found The Pickle Jokes Pretty Entertaining So Let's Keep That Going

Pickle-Haters, Stay Out Of My DMs

Of all the topics that have been discussed on Stew's Letter so far, only one has caused a tsunami of responses: pickles.

Pickle jokes bond humans together, apparently.

One loyal Stew's Letter fan told me that he enjoys reading the email each week, even though it makes him want to eat pickles every time it shows up in his inbox.

Another loyal Stew's Letter reader made a poignant point in an email with the subject line "In a pickle:"

I think there are neither cucumbers nor pickles. Those are merely essential arbitrary Platonic categories that don’t really represent reality, only human convenience. There are similar sequence[s] of DNA that create whatever they can, whenever they can, as often as they will, and without concern for burgers and salads.

It turns out that pickles are a shockingly powerful lens through which to understand the world.

Interestingly, nobody has had any strong opinions about cucumbers. It feels similar to how we think about caterpillars: they're fine, but, let's be real, we're waiting for them to become butterflies.

Stay tuned. Bad pickle jokes are here to stay.

A Somewhat Important Update On The Pickle-Cucumber Thing

Turns out the whole pickle-cucumber thing gets even crazier. A loyal Stew’s Letter reader informed me that real pickles are only made from a specific kind of cucumber, which essentially means that not all cucumbers can become pickles.


Also, a hilarious Quora author (they weren't trying to be funny) observed that a cucumber can become a pickle, but a pickle can never go back to being a cucumber. Those rushing to convert cucumbers to pickles should heed this fact, lest they find themselves cucumber-less.

Also, notice how quick the tables turned here. Last week, the cucumber-pickle relationship was forbidden knowledge. Now, my cucumber expertise is growing at a shocking pace. This is one reason to always question what you think you know.

(Is this the beginning of a running pickle-cucumber life lesson joke? Probably, yes.)

Thing I Definitely Should Have Known Earlier In Life

I recently found out that a pickle and a cucumber are the same thing. I had no idea. Yeah, laugh it up. Real fucking funny. Thankfully, I didn't have a strong opinion that pickles were definitely not cucumbers, so it wasn't hard for me to change my mind on this whole cucumber-pickle thing.

There's probably a life lesson here ("Look at how quickly you learn when you don't have strong opinions!"), but it's more likely that I should have just known what a pickle was.