Career Update That Seems Worth Sharing If For No Other Reason Than Assuring You I’m Spending Less Time Aimlessly Pacing Around My Apartment

Paul Allen (Microsoft co-founder) has been funding an artificial intelligence research lab (AI2) since 2014. Recently, AI2 spun off a few pretty successful startups and decided it’d be nice to do that more often. So, they formed a startup incubator with the sole purpose of launching startups in the AI space. Thankfully, machines haven’t learned how to start their own startups yet, so they need humans to do that.

I just joined them as a CTO-in-residence and will be helping them explore startup ideas and co-founding a company when we land on something promising. Feel free to reach out if you’re working or interested in the AI space yourself. I have an enormous amount to learn and always find it helpful to get as many perspectives as possible.